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Unlock your language potential with tailored English language programs, designed by an expert instructor to elevate your professional and international communication skills.

Unlock Your English Potential with an Internationally Certified Language Teacher

As your dedicated language instructor, I offer a unique learning experience rooted in a teaching history that spans Slovenia, Croatia, Latvia, Austria and Russia. With Cambridge CELTA international certification, I specialize in both individual and group classes for students of all levels aged 16 and over. I also provide high quality content proofreading and editing services.

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Individual Classes

My individual classes offer personalised attention, focusing on your specific language needs. Whether it’s enhancing your speaking, writing, reading or listening skills, I tailor each course to help you reach your objectives. I also provide expert bespoke exam preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, CPE and BEC exams.

Group Classes

Dive into the dynamic and interactive world of group classes. Engage with fellow learners, practice your language skills in real-time, and receive expert guidance. These sessions are designed to provide a fun and collaborative learning experience.

Dynamic Language School Services

With a suite of services that includes individual and group classes, along with content proofreading and editing, I’m committed to supporting international companies and professionals in mastering the English language.

Unlock Your​ Potential

In today’s globalised world, I recognise the critical role of English language proficiency. Whether you’re a professional aiming to boost your career, or an international company striving to enhance team communication, my expertly tailored courses and personal instruction are here to guide you toward fluency and confidence in English.

Transform Lives

My proven teaching methods and personalised approach ensure rapid language acquisition and retention.

Boost Success

Gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace with my English language courses.

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Experience personalised English lessons tailored to your needs. Sign up for a 45-minute introductory session, or contact me for more details.

What My Students Say

Read testimonials from my satisfied students and clients

“Alex has been my English teacher for several years. I can talk to him about almost all the topics I encounter. He corrects my mistakes in speaking and writing in just the right way, and is always punctual, clear and precise in his work.”

Ljudmila Novak
Member of the European Parliament 

“Alex is a unique and excellent teacher. He is also punctual, tolerant and always well-prepared. I have no problem in recommending him to everybody.” 

Tomaž Pogačnik 
Comland d.o.o., Ljubljana

“His classes are an ideal way for us to train intensively and improve our English communication skills. He is a professional in all aspects and an outstanding teacher, but he is also a cheerful person with a great sense of humour.” 

Dr. Drago Perko
Anton Melik Geographical Institute, ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana

“I highly recommend Alex for teaching English. He possesses a genuine love for the English language. He is an excellent English teacher and I also commend and admire his hard work and diligence.”

Tanja Predalič 
Telekom Slovenije 

“I had individual classes with Alex in my office, and he is a very good teacher. We discussed a lot of business topics as well as general conversation, and I liked how he corrected my mistakes immediately. I gladly recommend him!”

Alma Mekić Ćerdić 
CEO – Erste factoring, Zagreb, Croatia

“Alex was my teacher for more than one year and I must say I have very pleasant memories of that time. It was more than just an English course, it was for me, a time where I learned a lot and where I discussed many different subjects with him.”

Michel Felkay
Senior Police Officer, Paris, France

“Alex is the best English teacher ever, and believe me, I have studied with several! Additionally, I would say that his style of teaching is friendly and casual. The best memories!”

Līga Abolina
Deputy State Secretary – Ministry of Welfare, Rīga, Latvia

“I started with 1-2-1 English classes with Alex that helped me to expand my vocabulary and presenting skills for the IT business. He is now BE-terna’s go-to guy for proofreading in 4 countries where we operate. I love his proofreading service because he always seeks to understand the concept and context, and makes all the corrections clear.”

Monika Verbič 
BE-terna, Ljubljana

“Alex was simply amazing helping me with the proofreading of my PhD in law project, he finished it before the deadline, was very precise and even gave some extra recommendations and explanations about English phrases that I was able to use!”

Simona Lesjak

Trusted by top global companies for language training

I'm Here to Guide You on Your Path to English Fluency

My name is Alexander Jordan. I’m a professional English language teacher from the UK, and when I’m not teaching English I love hiking in the mountains.

I live and work in Ljubljana and have been a full-time English teacher since I left the UK in 2006. I have worked as a teacher in five countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Latvia and Russia), which has given me many unique insights into intercultural communication in English.

Transforming Lives Through English Language Education

In my extensive teaching career, I’ve delivered thousands of hours of instruction, collaborated with numerous companies, and helped hundreds of people improve their English language skills. My commitment is to provide high-quality education and ensure that you achieve your language objectives.

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